Arizona Child Custody: Legal Decision Making and Parenting Time

When parents separate or divorce, attention turns to the most critical aspect: continuation of care for their children. The court calls this concept as 'Legal Decision Making and Parenting Time', more commonly referred to as child custody. If there are disagreements about the plan for raising the children, the court intervenes to decide on their welfare, create an approved plan, or make health-related decisions.

Posted by Editor on November 10, 2023

Legal Decision Making in Child Custody

Legal decision making refers to an individual's right and responsibility to make significant, non-emergency decisions for a minor. Critical areas of decision making include education, healthcare, religious training, and routine personal care decisions.

Arizona courts offer a wealth of resources for parents dealing with custody procedures.

Rights and Responsibilities in Legal Decision Making

Parents, as a part of their child custody agreement, get assigned responsibility for making essential legal decisions affecting the child's welfare. According to the Arizona Judicial Branch, this includes decisions about child support, legal custody, and setting parenting time.

To navigate the custody process effectively, offers guidance for families and children going through the custody process without a lawyer.

Parenting Time: Ensuring Balanced Access to Children

In child custody discussions, another critical term is 'parenting time', referring to the schedule determining each parent's access to the child. Parents must provide essential needs like food, clothing, and shelter during their parenting time and make daily decisions related to child care.

Parenting time schedules vary from case to case, considering children's best interests. Hence, understanding its legal determinants is crucial. provides detailed information on legal decision making and parenting time in child custody matters.

Support Services for Parenting Time

For extra help, Colubrn Hintze Maletta - Child Custody and Fresh Start Women’s Foundation offer resources related to family law in Arizona, with ample support services to aid Arizona families.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is 'Legal Decision Making' in child custody?

    Legal Decision Making refers to the right and responsibility to make significant, non-emergency decisions for a child, including education, healthcare, religious training, and personal care decisions.

  2. What does 'Parenting Time' mean in child custody discussions?

    Parenting Time refers to a schedule that sets out each parent's access to the child. During their parenting time, parents are responsible for providing their child’s needs and making routine decisions concerning their care.

  3. Where to find resources for navigating child custody procedures in Arizona?

    Several platforms, such as Justia and, provide resources for navigating child custody laws, court procedures, and offer family law support services and resources.

Understanding 'Legal Decision Making' and 'Parenting Time' is crucial in child custody cases in Arizona, whether you're a parent dealing with separation or a family lawyer offering aid and legal advice. With a diverse range of family law resources and services available, you can effectively navigate the court procedures and uphold your child's best interests.

A tie-in between legal decision making and parenting time forms the basis of child custody laws in Arizona. This article provides insights into these legal terms, with resources and support services available for families dealing with child custody procedures.